Daily Activities

Monks rise early and spend time in personal meditation and Dhamma study before attending to the upkeep of the temple and surrounding grounds.

Members of the laity arrive later in the morning and either prepare food to offer the monks or assist in other areas of the temple.

If you plan to offer food to the monks, it is important to arrive on time and proceed to the main hall with items you are providing, remembering to maintain a respectful and calm manner.

Depending on the day, a large or small gathering of the Buddhist lay community may gather to offer food and other material items to the Sangha.

Events, such as a one hundred day ceremony for someone who has passed away, or any one of the Buddhist ceremonies, may be cause for very large gatherings in the small temple building.

Just before eleven o'clock the food, beginning with the rice and followed by the other items, will be offerd first to the Abbot or senior monk by a member of the lay community, then passed to each monk in attendance in order.

Once each monk has received food, the dishes and trays will usually be removed to the outside where the community will share a meal together.

By contributing to the monk's support and reflecting on right effort of both the monks and the lay community, positive results can be achieved,

When attending events and ceremonies at the temple it is also important to respect our neighbors by keeping driveways and South Avenue clear and behaving respectfully to all.

ขอแจ้งเวลาที่พระสงฆ์ไม่สะดวกรับโทรศัพท์ (เวลาทำกิจวัตรของพระสงฆ์)

เวลา 06.00 – 07.30 น. สวดมนต์ทำวัตรเช้า (เจริญเมตตา ภาวนา)

เวลา 10.30 – 12.00 น. ฉันภัตตาหาร

เวลา 18.00 – 20.00 น. สวดมนต์ทำวัตรเย็น (เจริญเมตตา ภาวนา)

Special Events

Throughout the year, many Thai and Buddhist events are presented at Wat Sacramento Buddhavanaram.

A calendar of events, daily schedules, and details about each planned activity are available on this site.

An extensive photo gallery section is also being compiled featuring our many activities.

Helpful Volunteers

Although many projects and activities are developed and worked on by the monks and management committee, many other events and tasks are completed by volunteers from outside these groups. There is always an opportunity to participate and lend a hand at furthering the objectives of Wat Sacramento Buddhavanaram.

If you would like to know Buddhism and Thai culture by direct experience at Wat Sacramento Buddhavanaram, while being part of the solution, please review our CALENDAR page for upcoming events, or get in touch with someone from our CONTACTS list for information on opportunities to participate.


Tripitaka Library

On April 14th, 2010, a ceremony was held in honor of the new Tripitaka library which was presented as a Dana offering by Mrs Duan Tyler (คุณเปีย) and family to the temple and community. The new library is housed in a special cabinet, also a gift from the community, and prominently placed in the main hall at the temple.






Courtesy and Respect at the Temple

Please remember that our temple is a special place, comparable to any other church, where respectful behavior and courtesy to others is very important and appreciated.

When attending events at the temple, dress appropriately, in a way that shows respect for yourself, others, and the monks; always strive to achieve a moderate and dignified appearance. Being overly exposed, wearing skimpy tank tops, mini skirts, and tight pants reflects poorly on your intentions and disturbs those striving on the path.

Please try to speak in a calm and quiet voice at all times within the main hall. When monks are engaged in Dhamma discussions, instruction or chanting, there should be no speaking at all. Also remember to silence cell phones and other electronic devices when entering the main hall. This is an excellent opportunity to practice right speech.

The lay community and monks of Wat Sacramento work very hard to maintain a place where Buddhism and Thai Culture can be explored. We do not have janitors picking up litter and cleaning the restrooms. Show your appreciation for their effort by cleaning up after yourself and helping out where you can.