First Day!
2023's Thai Language and Culture school is underway!

Our fifteenth year is off to a wonderful start. The weather was amazing and students arrived ready to learn.

We have so many eager new students and quite a few prior classmates here together on our first day, all eager to study Thai Language & Culture!

Our Advanced group of students, with Ajahn Phun's guidance and assistance, has a goal of speaking nothing but Thai in class. Hope they enjoy this level of immersion!

To better meet the needs of our more experienced students, we have added an Intermediate level of instruction in addition to the Advanced level we have had for a few years. Ajahn Nanda will guide her students over the many new stepping-stones between Basic and Advanced Thai Language.

For their first day, our Children's class was fortunate to have a one-to-one student-teacher ratio!

It is always a privilege, year after year, to be part of this school! From the students, both new and old and from many walks of life and experiences, to the teachers who volunteer their time and knowledge, the lay community members who interact with students, encourage them, and especially provide delicious Thai food to share with the class, and the monastic community of Wat Sacramento, we believe this class provides more than any other available and hope our students agree! We hope everyone enjoys this year's class and that they all gain skill and understanding of everything Thai!

Thai Language and Culture Classes for 2023

We are pleased to announce the 2023 Thai Language and Culture Summer School schedule.

The first day of class, which includes student registration, will be June 11, 2023. This year's school will run through November 5, 2023. Class hours are 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

— Children's Class, ages 8 to 12.
— Adult Class, ages 13 and older.

Interested students should arrive by 9:00 AM on June 11 and complete their registration.

Pleae review additional information about our class on the Home page.

Adult Thai Language and Culture Classes Return

After a two-year break due to COVID-19, we will be resuming our classes at Wat Sacramento Buddhavanaram this year!

The first day of class, which includes student registration, will be June 5, 2022. Class begins every Sunday at 9:00 AM sharp. We take a lunch break at 11:00 and conclude class by 1:00. This year's school will run through October 9, 2022.

Our class format is very intense, having only about fourteen days in session between June and October to meet for four hours each day. We recommended you enroll and attend all available class dates to get the most from your effort. It is largely your time and attention that are required for you to benefit from these classes, so please be prepared to attend each session.

Our Thai Language and Culture school is free to attend, with no tuition or costs for the materials supplied to students. Monetary donations are accepted and used to offset costs involved in providing this opportunity to study Thai language and culture. Thanks to the generosity of past classes, we have constructed a new pavilion in the main learning area.

Masks & Identification: To accommodate all interested students, we are not requiring masks or proof of vaccination as our classes are held outdoors. Students should contact the instructor by email and remain at home if they have symptoms of any transmissible illness. We will also be verifying student identification on the first day of class to better control access to the school and the temple.

Please note that our class is for adults and older teenagers with some previous exposure to Thai language. We do not have any offerings for younger children.

For those of you who have waited anxiously for our return, "Thank You!" for your patience! Please feel free to share this information with friends and family who may also be interested in attending our classes. Email questions to: School at Watsacramento dot Org

Thai Language Classes at Wat Sacramento

In the Summer of 2008, Wat Sacramento began offering Thai language and culture classes during the summer months from July through September. Our Summer Session currently runs from June to October.

The free, four-hour classes start promptly at 9:00 A.M. every Sunday.

These weekly classes in Thai Language and Culture recall the style and atmosphere of Thailand.

The Adult Thai language program, consisting of detailed Thai language sessions for students of all levels, provides an excellent opportunity to begin exploring Thai or strengthen existing language skills.

Our classes have been popular for the past twelve years. An image gallery from previous years is available [ GALLERY ] if you'd like to see our activities through the past years.

If you are interested in attending these classes please contact the Wat Sacramento School by email for details. You may also email questions about our class and the Summer session to School at Watsacramento dot Org

The 2019 Summer Session - A Benchmark Class!

As usual, the interest in our class was running high as early as January! Not only was Khun Seth the first to inquire about our school in 2019, he, along with Khun Vincent had perfect attendance. They certainly set the pace for everyone.


Each and every student demonstrated outstanding effort and engagement with the class. We started with twenty, added and lost a few as the weeks went by, and ended up with twenty two students being awarded certificates! Over nineteen Sundays we saw an average of seventeen students each week. The weather was quite reasonable and we often overflowed our covered class area! While most years start with many signing up on the first and second days, only to dwindle over the next few weeks, this year was special.

We always encourage our students to get involved beyond the class and this year many took that plunge! Many students committed to bringing food which is offered to the monks and is later shared with the rest of the students and community. This form of Dana or generosity is a key, foundational trait of Buddhism and was recognized and appreciated by all. They were also very generous with donations to support both the class and the temple.


This year has truly set the standard and based on the strong commitment by so many students we are certainly looking forward to class in 2020!

See our Graduation gallery for all this year's images.

We offer our classes, and share Thai language, culture, and religion, with generosity and loving kindness in our hearts. Thank you to all the students who attend, the teachers who give their time and knowledge, and the lay and monastic community of Wat Sacramento Buddhavanaram who together make this all possible.

With Metta
Ajarn Nonglug Waldorff
อาจารย์นงลักษณ์ สงวนศิษย์ วอลดอรฟ

Khun Campbell's Ceremony

We recognized Khun Campbell, as he departs our 2019 Thai Language and Culture class, with a brief ceremony Sunday. He will begin college at UC San Diego in weeks after attending our class over the past few years.

Ajahn Nonglug reports to the Abbot on Khun Campbell's achievements both in class and in his other academic endeavors.

The Abbot chants a blessing and splashes everyone with lustral or holy water.

Student and Teacher - Both appreciated and respected!

Wishing Khun Campbell continued success and achievement in school and life!.


Going Green!

Our classes are held almost exclusively in outdoor locations within the temple grounds.

While the temperature may go high and low, the wind may blow, and now and then the rain may fall, we always manage to have an inviting place to study.

Students and ajahns (teachers) all adapt and work to get the most out of our school!


Khun Alison's Ceremony

We recognized Khun Alison's participation in our 2019 Thai Language and Culture with a brief ceremony Sunday. Her next class, with many exciting lessons, will be in Thailand as an exchange student.

It is traditional to make an offering of flowers, incense, and candle to the Abbot.

Bowing three times signifies reverence for the Triple Gem and for the Abbot.

All those HOT Sundays and hard work - well done!

Everyone receives a chanted blessing, complete with lustral or holy water, from the Abbot.

A little insight on sharing merit and then some instruction on how to properly leave the area from the Ajarn!

We all wish Khun Alison a safe trip and hope she has many wonderful experiences in Thailand.


2019 Adult Thai Language Summer School

We are once again off to a super session! We have so many enthusiastic new students and as always our returning students are already contributing to the class.



Wat Sacramento Buddhavanaram
2019 Summer School — Adult Thai Language Class

The Summer Session for Wat Sacramento Buddhavanaram's Thai Language and Culture school will begin on June 2nd.

Our school is free - no tuition or fees are requested or required. Students may choose to donate to Wat Sacramento Buddhavanaram in recognition of the support and accommodation they provide to the school.

Interested students may register on the first day of class between 9:30 and 10:00 AM. NEW students in particular should arrive early on registration day (June 2nd) to discuss their learning needs with the staff.

Class begins at 9:00 AM every Sunday (Please note: Effective 23 June 2019, we have moved class start time from 10:00 to 9:00 AM, ending at 1:00 PM, to accomodate warmer weather.). The Summer Session runs from June until the middle of October, weather permitting. Attendance is also expected during scheduled events at the temple as these events are also covered as part of the class and will help to improve your understanding and enjoyment of Thai culture.

Take a look at the images throughout this page for an idea of our class environment.

If attending, please dress properly. Wat Sacramento is a Buddhist temple and it is traditional to dress modestly. Short revealing pants and dresses, halter and tank tops, leggings (without other covering clothes), flip flops, and other distracting attire are not appropriate to this environment and detract from learning.

Our class is held outdoors. We typically have two extremes in weather throughout the session with cold mornings and very hot afternoons. It is best to dress in layers.

Children's Classes: We do not have a teaching plan for children but will consider special requests based on the child's ability and parent's support, and the availability of teaching staff. Children will learn culture and proper behavior in the temple, Thai children's songs, and basic reading and writing with parent's participation in the class area.

Please note: Our school has a very challenging course of study and takes place in a sometimes harsh climate. Your complete commitment is essential to gaining any benefit from our classes. Please consider your ability to fully participate and attend during the entire session before signing up.

If you are interested please show up! We look forward to having you in our class. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ajarn Nonglug, Coordinator of Education, at the email below.

School at Watsacramento dot Org


2018 Summer School Complete ~ Another Great Year!

Our eleventh summer session moved new and returning students along their individual path. Yes, I think we can call it a success!

The typical surge of students in the first two weeks settled down into the core group that would work through the entire session to reach graduation day! Those students completing the year's work all stayed the course and gained new knowledge about Thai language, culture, and religion. Although we did have a few hot days, overall we were spared the high temperatures that seemed to peak every Sunday we held class last year! It sure improves the experience for both students and teachers.

Our volunteer teachers were also on the job in full force. They worked to fill the gaps with special areas of instruction and supported our more advanced students. It takes a real commitment to the project and their work is appreciated!

The Wat Sacramento community is important to the quality of our class. They increase opportunities for students to see and interact with native Thai speakers in a true example of Thai and Buddhist environments. By exposing students to our little piece of Thailand the time before, during, and after class all adds to the value of our center.

Our Thai Language and Culture class fulfills an otherwise unmet need in this area of California. If you missed class this year or attended and would like more, please consider our class in 2019. Any questions regarding the Thai Language and Culture classes at Wat Sacramento may be answered by email to our school at School at Watsacramento dot Org.

With Metta
Ajarn Nonglug Waldorff
อาจารย์นงลักษณ์ สงวนศิษย์ วอลดอรฟ


2018 Thai Language & Culture class ~ Graduation Ceremony!

Ajarn Nonglug introduces the class to the monastic and lay community.

Khun Katherine, along with many of the other graduating students, had kind words regarding the teachers, class and school, as we complete our eleventh year. She offered the following commentary on our class in Thai:

ขอกราบขอบพระคุณอาจารย์นงลักษณ์และครูภาษาไทย ทุกท่านที่ได้เสียสละและอุทิศตนเพื่อสอนภาษาไทยที่วัดของเรา

Her continued support of our class and the temple is appreciated very much!

Students, Teachers, Monks, and Guests together.


See our Graduation gallery for all the images.


King Hei Tang's Farewell

Khun King Hei has completed his school work and is returning home so we had an early ceremony for him.

Offering flowers, incense, and candle to the Abbot of Wat Sacramento.

Appreciation for attending and participating in our class!

Great to have so many students attending this special ceremony.

The Abbot blessed everyone with chanting and water!

Making great progress in 2018 Summer School

Our new year is off to a great start with over twenty new and returning students registered and attending by the second week. Some have departed as they discovered our program didn't meet their needs or match their learning style and more have signed on as later sessions went by. Over thirty students have tried our class so far this year. The dedicated ones form a good core and we hope everyone is benefitted by attending. There are some who are obsiously committed and also some who have only missed a few days - all digging in to Thai language and culture.


We also have new teachers who have really rounded out the learning experience in our 2018 session. It is great to have so much dedication and participation by both students and teachers, as well as the kind support of the temple staff and lay community.

2018 will surely be another outstanding year at Wat Sacramento Buddhavanaram's Thai Language and Culture school!

Wat Sacramento Buddhavanaram
Summer School — Adult Thai Language Class

The Adult Thai language class studies vocabulary, conversation, grammar, and reading, along with Thai culture, literature, songs and the Buddhist religion.

Class lessons work well for beginning through advanced students. All students study together with extra phonics lessons for new students to be sure pronunciation is correct.

The different student levels work together for better results and understanding, and more fun.

Students also benefit from taking the lessons home and studying on their own. For questions about the weekly lessons, I can be reached by email to assist your learning.

All skill levels are welcome. There are many students who have been in the class for two to three years who help newer students adapt and begin to learn. They readily come back every year to review and polish their Thai skills and they really add to the entire class experience.

We have a very open, friendly classroom with lots of opportunity to learn. We all share knowledge, experiences, and food as friends.

Our class is held outdoors, under a roofed cover without walls, creating a realistic Thai atmosphere. Summer mornings are usually cool to mild, while afternoons can be hot. Dress in layers, keeping in mind the need for modesty at a Buddhist temple.

You can show up on the first day to register between 9:30 and 10:00 AM, see what we have to offer, and complete your application forms then.

Class is held every Sunday from 10 - 2 with a lunch break (delicious, authentic, donated Thai food!).

Ajarn Nonglug Waldorff
อาจารย์นงลักษณ์ สงวนศิษย์ วอลดอรฟ

2017 Summer School Concludes

Our tenth summer session was certainly special. As much as we like to brag that our classroom feels like it is in Thailand, Mother Nature pushed us into a much hotter climate! It seems that just about every Sunday was over 95 degrees with many days ending well past 100 degrees.

We began the first two class days with over twenty students enrolled. As is usually the case, some students decided the class wasn't a good fit. Others had many unexpected life needs and missed a few classes. But in the end we had thirteen students who satisfactorily completed the course. Their perseverance was astounding. Even in the heat they seemed to accept the challenge and learn their lessons!

We also had many great volunteer teachers pitch in. They each added their own unique approaches to Thai language and culture studies. They really round out the experience and help make our school special. From a few hours here and there to many Sundays committed to two or more hours of solid teaching, that all made our class that much better.

The monastic and lay communities are also an important and essential part of our schools special quality. Each group takes time to interact with students, giving them exposure to more things Thai than they could get anywhere but Thailand! And the lay community also makes sure there is wonderful, delicious, and authentic Thai food for students and teachers to enjoy.

This was truly another great year and we hope to see many old and new students next year! If you like a challenging but rewarding language and culture experience, please consider our class in 2018. Any questions regarding the Thai Language and Culture classes at Wat Sacramento may be answered by email to our school at School at Watsacramento dot Org.

With Metta
Ajarn Nonglug Waldorff
อาจารย์นงลักษณ์ สงวนศิษย์ วอลดอรฟ


2017 Adult Thai Language & Culture class ~ Graduation Day!

Graduation gallery


2017 Summer School Classes are Underway!

We have begun the year as usual with a mix of returning and new students, all with many different reasons for taking these challenging yet rewarding lessons. They all also have a wide range of exposure to Thai language and culture so the opportunity to be generous with knowledge benefits everyone.

It is always great to see so many eager learners. Our first day saw over twenty students. We are also fortunate to have more teachers than ever before. This allows us to adapt and provide more tailored learning opportunities.

Making the effort, showing up and staying focused every Sunday, especially with what has been the unpredictable spring, summer, and fall weather that has already run the gamut from the cool mid 80s the crushing heat of 108 degrees on Father's Day is remarkable! You'll see us shifting our class groups around the temple in the images below trying to escape the heat. You'll also notice how committed each student is - even against this intense weather.

For each of you who have already begun this year's journey - be strong and stay the course - we are so glad to have you here. For those who plan to return and also those who just discovered our school, make sure you get connected and into class before we sail off into the sunset!

2016 Summer School Concludes

This completes our ninth year of Thai Language and Culture classes at Wat Sacramento Buddhavanaram.

We continue to have outstanding support from many different teachers who bring a variety of methods and approaches to our classes, providing a meaningful learning experience to eager students of all skill and experience levels. Our five assisting teachers this year, Ajarn Srinapa, Ajarn Jirapon, Ajarn Penporn, Ajarn Phan, and Ajarn Dudsdeelavan all joined together to make this learning environment valuable and helped our students achieve greater knowledge.

The monks of the temple not only serve as exceptional role models to the Thai community but also demonstrate the calm, committed, mindful face of Buddhism to our students through encounters and ceremonies. They also help the school by preparing the class area and setting up tables and chairs before each class.

This year, we had 18 teaching days and 4 temple event days where students attended or participated in activities and ceremonies. We had, over the course of the session, 27 students sign up, of which 19 earned graduation or participation certificates. Our highest attendance day had 19 students in class! Our attendance chart is full of stars!
Take a look: 2016 Attendance chart
Not only did so many students demonstrate commitment and dedication but they also had many wonderful and encouraging things to say about the entire class experience throughout the year!

We are indebted to the entire community of Wat Sacramento. They eagerly interact with and help students practice and develop language skills and also prepare lots of delicious, authentic Thai food for the students.

For our tenth year in 2017, we look forward to starting a little earlier, with registration and the first class tentatively scheduled for May 28th. Anyone with questions regarding the Thai Language and Culture classes at Wat Sacramento may email our school at School at Watsacramento dot Org .

With Metta
Ajarn Nonglug Waldorff
อาจารย์นงลักษณ์ สงวนศิษย์ วอลดอรฟ




Graduation Day for Bobby. After a long Summer studying with our class at Wat Sacramento, Bobby went on to complete his studies at Sac State. His family is certainly very proud and so are we.


2016 Adult Thai Language & Culture class ~ Graduation Day!


Students and Teachers from the 2016 Adult Thai Language and Culture class, along with our special guest, author Elaine Russell (holding her book), gather for the last picture of the year.

See our students Graduation!


Adult Thai Language Class meets the Abbot ~ Sunday, July 10th, 2016

As is our tradition, the students of the 2016 class met with Phra Khru Sangkarak Chalerm Suthero, Abbot of Wat Sacramento Buddhavanaram, after lunch. The students take this opportunity to introduce themselves to the Abbot and express their appreciation for the temple's support of the class. Incense, candles and flowers (representing the Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Noble Sangha) are offered by each student and the teachers.

See our gallery here.


Adult Thai Language Class ~ First Day of School ~ 2016

Adult Thai Language class meets the Abbot (2015)

It is a tradition for students of our Thai Language and Culture classes to acknowledge the relationship between the temple and school in a special ceremony where they pay respect to the Abbot and express their appreciation for the support the school receives.


Students from the 2015 Adult Language and Culture class met with the Abbot on July 12th. For many this was their first opportunity to participate in a formal setting, both to introduce themselves and to express their appreciation for the school. A short gallery of images from this visit are available here: Gallery


2015 Adult Thai Language & Culture class ~ Graduation Day!


Students from the 2015 Adult Thai Language and Culture class take a break from their hard work on the last day of class to pose with their dedicated Ajarns!

See more of our class [here].

See our students Graduation!