Board of Directors

President Phra Khru Sangkarak Chalerm Suthero 916.925.1579
Lay Committee
Phatwiphaporn Haskins
Secretary Benjamas Curless
Treasurer K T (Pisit) Williams


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Website Questions and Requests

To ask a question or offer feedback regarding this site, please contact the webteam at Info at Watsacramento dot Org


Generosity and support of the monastic community are central to Buddhist practice. Wat Sacramento provides a number of methods to provide this critical support.

Be sure to use an envelope or form that includes the donor's name, address, and contact information if you would like a receipt using any of the methods below.

You may indicate the purpose and use of your donation or leave it to the Lay Committee to decide according to current needs. Possible choices are:

  • Monks Support
  • New Temple Project
  • Temple Maintenance and Utilities
  • General Support

Check or Money Order Donations by Mail

Make your contributions to Wat Sacramento payable to:
Wat Sacramento Buddhavanaram. Send donations to:
    Wat Sacramento Buddhavanaram
    151 South Ave
    Sacramento, CA 95838

Online Donations

The temple currently accepts online donations using PayPal. A Donate link is available on our web site Home page. Additional Donate links may also be added to event notices as appropriate.

On-Site Donations

There are a number of donation boxes for specific purposes located at the back of the main shrine room. There are separate boxes for: Monks Support, Temple Maintenance and Utilities, and General Support. Additionally, there are donation slots under the Seven Weekday Buddhas (Where some traditionally make donations according to the week day they, a relative, or friend were born.) and occasionally a donation box will be set up for special projects and equipment purchases (i.e. well renovation or repair, new printer or other technology, etc.).

Following the Vinaya

The Buddhist lay community benefits from properly and adequately supporting the monastic community. Without our Right Effort, the monks might feel obliged to stray from the precepts, harming all Buddhists. There are many ways we can properly uphold the Buddha's Teaching - correctly managing financial support is one of them.

Please remember, monks are not supposed to hold or accept money. Use the various on-site donation boxes, available online methods, mail, or by contacting a member of the lay community to offer your support when visiting the temple.